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How to recruit care and support workers - Care Recruiter

How to recruit care and support workers

As the aging population continues to rise there is an increased need for care and support workers. Whilst the job can be very rewarding in many different ways, it can be difficult to attract the right people for the role. The following are some methods to help to attract new staff members, and retain existing carers.

Look outside the box

Traditional recruitment sites are great for attracting new staff, however there are a wide variety of online methods that can help you to find new members of your team. Using your own Facebook page can be effective, especially when you promote the jobs post and target people by interest or current job roles.

This can be a great tool for recruitment, boosted by making your businesses Facebook page attractive to new staff. Rewarding staff publicly on Facebook and showing fun work events can really help to attract new staff members as well as helping to retain current staff members.

Be competitive

There is often a lot of competition between care companies to hire new staff and if your offering is visibly less than others it becomes even more difficult to attract staff. Pay attention to other employers and see if there are any instances where you can match or better their offering.

Offering free qualifications, a package of rewards and discounts (like that of PerkBox) or offering a clear route to progression can all put you above the rest when potential candidates are comparing employers.

Retain staff

Turnover in the social care industry can be a huge issue for maintaining continuity of care and keeping on experienced staff. Conducting Exit interviews and logging the reasons why people leave your company can give a good idea of where you might be able to improve.

If there are any early drop off points for staff like during training or in their first couple of shifts this becomes even more important. There may be issues like older staff struggling to use technology like phone applications for training or logging into work which could be resolved by some extra support.

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