Jobs in Nursing

Jobs in Nursing

What does a Nurse do?

Nurses care for patients will a variety of health conditions ranging from minor injuries to major long term issues. Nurses focus on the needs of the patient, rather than on the illness or the condition. Nurses will work with a team however they are often the main point of contact for patients.

Nurses take on a range of responsibilities relating both to the medical care of their patients and maintaining and updating patient records and care plans. Nurses will often be responsible for administering medication and injections, observing and recording the condition of patients and educating patients about their health.

What is required to become a Nurse?

To work as a nurse in the UK, you need a degree and must be registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). Nursing is a physically demanding role and some say that you should be of good health to do the role however there is no barriers to those with health conditions or a disability. You must be able to carry out safe and effective practice without supervision.

Nursing can be an incredibly rewarding position to many people however the work can be very emotionally and psychically demanding. To work as a nurse it is important to be empathetic, effective at working in a team and to have good organisational skills.

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