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Care Assistant - Care Recruiter

Care Assistant

  • To assist in preparing service users for the day ahead & night, as required.
  • To help service users with problems of mobility and other physical disabilities (e.g. incontinence), helping with the use of disability aids and caring for the same, where appropriate.
  • To receive and act upon instructions from Senior Care Staff regarding specific tasks to be carried out during the day/night.
  • To carry out regular checks on service users – during nights – according to intervals set by Senior Care Staff and with due regard to service users’ individual wishes.
  • To answer promptly all nurse alarm calls, assessing each situation and dealing with any service user who is seeking help.
  • In cases of emergency to summon duty Senior Care Staff and if necessary to call the emergency GP and / or summon an ambulance.
  • To assist service users who need help or reassurance, providing light drinks or refreshments where required.
  • To carry out regular checks on the building, with particular reference to fire prevention and external security (all windows and external doors secured etc).
  • To iron laundered garments and linen, mending / darning where practical.
  • To awaken service users in the morning at their requested times, as appropriate.
  • To assist service users to rise, wash and dress, and where appropriate proceed to the dining room.
  • To help maintain a safe and healthy environment in the Home with due regard to appropriate Food Hygiene and Health & Safety Regulations.
  • To report all accidents to the Person-in-Charge.
  • To read and write reports, and to participate in staff and service users’ meetings as appropriate.
  • To participate in training activities / course, as directed by senior staff. To assist with End-of-Life Care for service users who are terminally ill.
  • To undertake other duties, as necessary.




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