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Five free care courses you could start right now - Care Recruiter

Five free care courses you could start right now

Whether you’re looking to boost your CV for your next role in care, or you simply want to gain the knowledge to ensure great quality care, taking a course can be the perfect way to up-skill. Taking a course doesn’t have to cost you anything besides some of your spare time, here are five free care courses you can take online.

Nutrition and Health Level 2

A great course for anyone interested in working with nutrition but it’s also beneficial to those working in care. The impact of nutrition, weight

Learning about weight management, the role of nutrients, eating disorders, food labelling, and more can provide great insight into how the food provided and prepared for clients and patients can have an effect on health.

Not only will you learn about food and nutrition in a broad sense, you’ll also discover how nutritional needs vary depending on age. Understanding health and nutrition isn’t just important for your own wellbeing either, it could also allow you to help those you take care of to improve their own.

Nutrition and Health Level 2 course

Dementia Care Level 2

Want to learn a little more on how to care for people with Dementia? This course can provide you with some extra expertise on caring for those with dementia. You’ll also gain some insight into the key functions of the brain that are influenced by the disease, the medical and social model of dementia, and the benefits of a person-centred approach.

So whether you’re currently working in care or healthcare and want to up-skill, or you’re looking for a way to gain knowledge to get into care, this can be a great addition to your care education.

Dementia Care Level 2 course


If you’re interested in learning more of the scientific side of care this Physiology course could be for you. Physiology is the study of normal function within living things. It examines and explains how organisms, organs and cells carry out the chemical and physical processes that keep us going.

This course, in partnership with the Physiological Society, will take you beneath the surface of three key physiological systems – respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous – allowing you to explore the discipline of physiology.

This could be beneficial to those looking to go into nursing or other healthcare fields to get a taster.

Physiology Course

Caring for Vulnerable Children

This course is ideal for anyone working in Residential Children’s services or in a similar setting that involves working with vulnerable children. When caring for vulnerable children the more knowledge and insight the better, this course will help you consider the role you play in responding to and caring for the children and young people who you encounter in your work.

This course may encourage you to further your career in child care or social work services, as well as changing the way you care for vulnerable children and the future lives you can help them to create.

Caring for Vulnerable Children Course


Creating Moments of Joy for People with Alzheimer’s

You may have the essentials down for caring for those with Alzheimer’s, but creating moments of joy for people with Alzheimer’s is also important in providing person centred care. Within this course you’ll learn practical tips to ease the daily struggles of Alzheimer’s for those living with it, and those helping them. Ultimately you will learn how to look beyond the challenges of the disease and focus on creating the best possible life for those living with Alzheimer’s.

This course would be beneficial to anyone working within care to expand their thinking when it comes to Alzheimer’s and encourage them to create happy moments for the people that they care for.

Creating Moments of Joy for People with Alzheimer’s Course

Let us know in the comments how you got on with these free care courses and if you’re looking for new opportunities in care you can search jobs here.

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