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Elite Live in Care

Elite Live in Care

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Company Detail

To look after the care needs of mainly elderly people in their own homes in England. The care should be provided in a way that respects the dignity of the individual and promotes independence. Care provided by care assistants is expected to include care that would reasonably be given by members of the service user’s own family. Principle responsibilities

1 Personal care needs including, undressing, washing, bathing and toileting needs.

2 Assist with mobility problems including incontinence.

3 To engage in activities such as reading, writing, hobbies and recreations.

4 To make and change beds and all domestic tasks within the household to include, Laundry, including using a launderette where necessary.

5 To read and write reports.

6 To ensure medication needs are met.

7 Attend mandatory training.

8 Food preparation and shopping.

9 Accompanying to activities or special events.

10 Visiting family and friends.

11 From time to time even going on holiday with the customer as a paid carer.