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How To Become A Phlebotomist

What is a Phlebotomist? Working as a Phlebotomist can be a great option for those interested in care and biological science. It can be an interesting and diverse role which usually involves taking blood and other specimen samples from patients to send for diagnostic testing. A Phlebotomist may also work analysing samples, taking note of […]

Tips for working in the snow

Unlike other sectors, those working in care and healthcare are often needed to travel in adverse weather conditions to work in order to keep patients and clients safe and well. If the roads become hazardous it’s essential to make sure you’re taking precautions to take care of yourself, and your car, to help keep call […]

Dignity in Care – Dignity Action Day

Today is Dignity Action Day and Care Recruiter are proud to support The National Dignity Council in it’s campaign to encourage more Care Staff to become Dignity Champions. Dignity in care is paramount to providing quality care. This means ensuring that vulnerable people are listened to and respected. As well as this, it’s important to […]

Five reasons why recruiting for values can help you to improve your recruitment and retention

Our latest State of the adult social care sector report suggests social care employers are struggling to find and keep suitable workers, and we think taking a values based approach to recruitment and retention can help. It estimates turnover rates of 27.3% per year, an increase of 4.7% since 2012-13. It also reports a steady increase in the […]

Jobs in healthcare that don’t require a degree

Have you realised late on that healthcare is the profession for you? It can be difficult to go to University as you get older as you may have family depending on your regular income and you may find it intimidating to return to a learning environment after being out of education a while. However, don’t […]