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Should care workers wear uniforms?

Many care organisations and stakeholders wonder whether care workers should wear uniforms. There is a lot of variance between uniform policies within care and also a lot of disagreement between what is suitable dress for care work and what is not. Some care providers argue that uniforms help to sign post to people with dementia […]

Surviving the night shift

Roles in health care and social care can often require nights from workers. For night owls this can be an ideal way to work, but many people struggle to work night shifts. Not properly preparing for night shifts can have negative effects on your health and mental well-being. Here are our tips for surviving the […]

3 Myths About Working in Care

Myth 1 – Care Work is always long hours & little pay. In recent years many companies have stepped up in what they pay Care Assistants. Whereas before those working in care sometimes ended up on less than minimum wage, due to visit types or sleep-in shifts, many Care Providers offer well above the minimum […]