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How To Write a Job Description For Care

When advertising for care staff you’re competing with hundreds of other companies. Ensure that your job description stands out and says the right thing to prospective candidates. Download our free guide to writing a job description for care. Submit details below for download link.

3 Fantastic Employee Reward Schemes for Care Workers

Not many other workers deserve a reward like Care Assistants do. Taking care of others on a day to day basis is hard work and as an employer it’s important to demonstrate that you appreciate that. Here are our favourite approaches to employee rewards for Care Workers. Hales Heroes Monthly Draw Hales Care offers a […]

4 Creative Care Recruitment Campaigns

It can be difficult to overcome the negative perceptions of care work and show the positives of working in care. There are plenty of positive aspects to focus on when recruiting, whether it’s the potential for flexible hours, opportunities to develop or progress and the rewarding nature of the work. It can be easy to […]

What’s the cost of hiring new Care Assistants?

As many employers in social care understand, it’s becoming harder and harder to recruit talented carers. Although it’s a meaningful and rewarding role it has earned a negative reputation employers are still working to repair. Wages and benefits are increasing for those who work on the frontlines of care, but still it can be difficult […]