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14 Low-cost strategies to recruit nurses

Recruiting nurses to your organisation doesn’t have to be costly, there are many opportunities in the field to approach and attract great candidates and generate interest in your organisation. Proactive Referrals – Most nursing employers offer referral schemes that sometimes go unnoticed by staff, be proactive with referrals by asking your top nurses for referrals […]

10 Tips For Getting Through Your Nursing Degree

Studying to become a nurse can be an incredibly difficult process for many students with much of your time being taken over by assignments or placements and a general uncertainty of what you should be doing or learning. These tips aim to help you navigate through your degree and make the most of the experience. […]

Surviving the night shift

Roles in health care and social care can often require nights from workers. For night owls this can be an ideal way to work, but many people struggle to work night shifts. Not properly preparing for night shifts can have negative effects on your health and mental well-being. Here are our tips for surviving the […]

Prepare your CV for 2018

Applying for jobs has changed a lot over recent years, not too long ago job seekers might be seen going from place to place dropping off paper copies of their CV to prospective employers, waiting months for a response or an interview. Nowadays recruitment is much more fast paced, with online applications employers often respond […]