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Applying for jobs

How to write a CV for childcare

  Roles within childcare can often be competitive and come down to how you’re presented within your CV. Go the extra mile to show employers that you’re enthusiastic and dedicated to working within childcare by writing a CV that shows you’ve taken the time to see what the role requires. First, the basics; Include your […]

Prepare your CV for 2018

Applying for jobs has changed a lot over recent years, not too long ago job seekers might be seen going from place to place dropping off paper copies of their CV to prospective employers, waiting months for a response or an interview. Nowadays recruitment is much more fast paced, with online applications employers often respond […]

How to turn down a job offer

You’ve applied everywhere and finally got an offer and it’s not quite right. Or you’ve landed two offers at once and you have to turn one down. Whatever the reason, it’s important to leave a positive impression on your would-be employer. Maybe years down the line, or even months, you could find yourself coming back […]