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4 Tips to Progress Your Career in Care - Care Recruiter

4 Tips to Progress Your Career in Care

The care sector can offer a lot of opportunity for progression and professional development, however many people working in care find it difficult to take the right steps to move up in their career. People who have worked in other fields may find that progression works differently within the care sector, but similar principles apply. Here is our guide on how best to progress within the care sector;


Your attendance can have a huge impact on your ability to progress within your workplace. Particularly within care when the stakes are much higher than say retail, senior staff want to know that you’ll be reliable and consistent before they entrust you with with increased responsibility. Whenever you’re applying for a vacancy internally your employer will take this into consideration, if you have a valid excuse you can tag this onto your application to prevent the hiring manager from taking your absence out of context. If you’ve had a reasonable about of time off employers shouldn’t hold it against you, however be aware that excessive absence will be a barrier to you progressing in you workplace.

This also goes for picking up shifts at your workplace. One way you can make it clear to your employer that you’re ready for more responsibility is by picking up extra shifts whenever you are able to. Whilst it’s not a requirement, going the extra mile to help out your managers will put you in their good books when opportunities come up.

Courses and Qualifications

When working in care there are often lots of opportunities to take on new qualifications and go on additional courses. Completing additional qualifications and attending courses outside of work will show Managers and senior staff members that you’re serious about progressing in care and it will also qualify you for more advanced roles. As well as needing a level 5 in Health and Social Care to become a Registered Manager, many care employers set minimum qualifications for other internal roles so gaining new qualifications may be essential to your progression.

Work Shadowing

See if you can shadow other staff members in your workplace to get a better idea of job roles within care. You’ll be more aware of what it takes to do these roles, and asking this will let people at your company know that you’re looking for a step up.

Moving Companies

If you find that your workplace doesn’t provide routes to progress or they seem to be reluctant to afford you new opportunities, it may be worth considering moving to another company. Not every organisation within the care sector properly facilitates the progression of the staff nor appreciates the value of promoting internally. Moving to a new company with a clear structure for development and opportunities may be necessary. If you feel that you have gained sufficient experience or qualifications to move into a more senior role, but you’re unable to do so at your company, you might consider applying for a higher role at another company and progress that way.

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