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3 Ways to help staff retention in social care - Care Recruiter

3 Ways to help staff retention in social care

In social care it can sometimes be difficult to retain staff, this can be due to a wide range of issues. Staff may leave because the job didn’t meet their expectations, or they felt overwhelmed with the responsibility. It’s important to work to retain staff, keeping on the same staff not only helps with continuity of care but it helps to keep your training costs down.

Loyal, happy staff are better workers, so here are our tips to retaining staff;

1. Make sure that staff being taken on have a clear understanding of the role, and are given proper training before going out to work.

Not everyone applying will know the ins and outs of the care industry, and they probably don’t have a full understanding of the job role. Being upfront and honest from the start is important for getting candidates that are likely to stay on.

For people new to care, it’s vital that they’re properly supported. Care work can be intimidating at first, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad fit.

2. Celebrate achievements and good work through awards, bonuses, or even just an email.

Everybody wants to feel valued at work, and a little can go a long way. Developing individual or team awards can motivate staff, as well as letting them know that their work is appreciated. Make sure that every compliment from a service user gets to the person being complimented.

3. Identify where you’re going wrong with exit interviews.

Find key areas for improvement by asking people leaving you what they didn’t like. Finding out trends in why people are leaving you will set you on a clear path of what your next steps should be.

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