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3 Myths About Working in Care - Care Recruiter

3 Myths About Working in Care

Myth 1 – Care Work is always long hours & little pay.

In recent years many companies have stepped up in what they pay Care Assistants. Whereas before those working in care sometimes ended up on less than minimum wage, due to visit types or sleep-in shifts, many Care Providers offer well above the minimum wage to their staff.

Pay varies depending on the type of care roles, how qualified you are and how much experience you have in care. However, some Care Assistant roles could see you earning up to £11.92 per hour with bonuses & paid mileage.

Long shifts with gaps can be off putting to some looking at domiciliary care work, although jobs in care often provide flexible hours ideal for students & parents.

Myth 2 – Care workers have little or no opportunities for career progression.

It’s long been though that care work is a dead end job, but in reality many care providers go above and beyond to upskill their staff and promote internally. Many care providers will start you on your next qualification as soon as you start (or after a probationary period), and gaining more qualifications often means that your pay will increase.

As you progress through your qualifications, you will often be able to move up internally to roles like; Lead Carer, Operations Manager, Care Manager, On-Call Team Member & more..

Myth 3 – Care work is unfulfilling.

For some reason care work sometimes gets a reputation for being menial and unfulfilling. But most would agree taking care of other people is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Despite perceptions of care work, 96% of carers said that they felt that their work makes a difference. Working in care can be incredibly rewarding for the right person.

If you think a career in care could be right for you, register with us today and start searching care vacancies near you.

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