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3 Fantastic Employee Reward Schemes for Care Workers - Care Recruiter

3 Fantastic Employee Reward Schemes for Care Workers

Not many other workers deserve a reward like Care Assistants do. Taking care of others on a day to day basis is hard work and as an employer it’s important to demonstrate that you appreciate that. Here are our favourite approaches to employee rewards for Care Workers.

Hales Heroes Monthly Draw

Hales Care offers a generous reward to their Care Workers in their Hales Hero monthly draw. Each month one of their Care Workers that meet their criteria wins £1000. This not rewardsonly incentivises potential candidates to apply with Hales Care in the hopes of winning £1000, but it also encourages Care Workers to work to their best ability to be entered into the draw. This might seem like a large amount to give away each month, however by bringing in new candidates, as well as helping staff retention and attendance, the reward practically pays for itself. Similarly, Allied Healthcare gave away a car to a member of their staff in a prize draw including all Care Workers who had been with them for over a year.

Do something similar

If you’re a smaller organisation, the spend of this reward it may not be cost effective to you. Offering a smaller amount or a cheaper, physical prize could also work well. Hales also offers a Hales Heroes Award of Excellence badge to those who meet the criteria for the reward, this might be something that could work for you, offering a badge or small reward for those carers you deem excellent workers.


Allied Healthcare Advantage Plus

Allied Healthcare created their own package of rewards and benefits called Advantage Plus. With this package they offer a wide range of discounts and offers from retail to family days out, all exclusive to Allied Care Workers. This helps Allied to stand out among other employers by offering a rewards pack exclusive to them.

Do something similar

It could be quite an undertaking to create your own package of rewards and benefits for your staff, but you can sign up to software that does it all for you. Sites like Perkbox can provide your employees hundreds of discounts and freebies for a small cost.



Barchester Care Awards

Barchester created their Care Awards in 2017 to recognise the excellence of the staff in their Care Homes. In any job, people want to feel values and appreciated and Barchester achieve this by recognise employees for their good work in a special awards luncheon. Altogether this would be relatively low cost, but high value in terms of what it does for the staff being nominated and winning.

Do something similar

Perhaps partnering it with Christmas parties, hold your own awards and have Carers vote for each other online. You can order low cost certificates online, or just print your own. If you like you can give out vouchers or prizes with your certificates as an extra bonus.

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