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14 Low-cost strategies to recruit nurses - Care Recruiter

14 Low-cost strategies to recruit nurses

Recruiting nurses to your organisation doesn’t have to be costly, there are many opportunities in the field to approach and attract great candidates and generate interest in your organisation.

  1. Proactive Referrals – Most nursing employers offer referral schemes that sometimes go unnoticed by staff, be proactive with referrals by asking your top nurses for referrals and perhaps setting up targets. A qualified nurse can have an extensive network of trained professionals, from friends from university, to past colleagues.
  2. Professional events. Encourage key members of staff to attend professional events and network for new staff members. Armed with business cards staff members may be able to bring on new team members, or at least get the word out that your organisation is recruiting.
  3. Almost hired. Review “finalists” from previous hiring efforts and find out if they’re now more qualified or suitable for a new role that has come up.
  4. First day of new hires. From the offset ask new hires if they have any friends or previous colleagues they think could make good additions to the team.
  5. Promise them an interview. Guarantee potential recruits an interview and incentivise attendance. Considering offering a £10 voucher for a coffee shop or a free gift.
  6. Same-level calls. With nurses so in demand at the moment, they can sometimes be overloaded by calls from recruiters finding their CV online. Consider asking someone at their professional level to call them and invite them in for an interview, this will make for a more believable sell of the role.
  7. Comparison sheets. Create sheets comparing the role you’re offering to those at other facilities. For example if you’re offering a nursing role at a residential home, think how this might be preferable or offer more benefits than a role at a hospital. Using this in your recruitment and interviews can improve your acceptance rate.
  8. Direct mail. Consider using professional association, website and nursing magazine mailing lists (sorted by location) to mail out recruitment literature or email messages, this can be a great opportunity to recruit nurses.
  9. Chat rooms. Frequent nurse chatrooms or encourage other staff members. Answering questions with whatever knowledge you have with a signature promoting your company and advertising vacancies. This will help to build your brand and become respected by other professionals.
  10. Encourage work-placement staff to cheerlead. Ask staff completing work placements to serve as recruiting representatives whilst back in University, they’ll have a huge network of soon to be qualified staff members and a good idea of who might make a good colleague.
  11. Try two-years-out-of-uni hires. There is a lot of competition to recruit nurses graduating right out of Univerisity. Instead try recontacting past staff members, contacting two years out of Univeristy could mean that they’re ready for a change.
  12. “Push” jobs to top prospects. Create and nurture a mailing list of potential candidates and push out all new opportunities. Also ensure that existing staff members know about all internal vacancies, incase they know someone who may be suitable.
  13. Win awards. Entering in awards to do with work place environment or nursing practices can be hugely beneficial to recruitment.
  14. Speaking opportunities. Encourage your top staff to talk and events or submit articles to professional magazines or blogs. Put your organisation out there as a respected authority within healthcare.

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