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10 Tips For Getting Through Your Nursing Degree - Care Recruiter

10 Tips For Getting Through Your Nursing Degree

Studying to become a nurse can be an incredibly difficult process for many students with much of your time being taken over by assignments or placements and a general uncertainty of what you should be doing or learning. These tips aim to help you navigate through your degree and make the most of the experience.

  1. Make sure that you’re starting your degree for the right reasons. It can be a difficult journey and you need the right motivation and values to make the most of the experience and succeed as a nurse.
  2. Be organised. Start assignments as soon as they are set, even if it’s just a messy plan as a starting point. It can be difficult to manage different assignments but try to schedule your time realistically so you have time for yourself as well as time to properly work on your coursework.
  3. When writing your assignments write your references as you find them, there’s nothing worse than panicking just before a deadline trying to find a book you’ve used.
  4. Take the bad experiences with the good. There will be aspects that are gruelling however there will be many parts that you’ll thoroughly enjoy, try to make the most of the parts of your course that you love.
  5. Make the most of what you’re taught. Remember that you’re not just learning for the sake of passing an exam but the knowledge you’re gaining will be essential for your whole career.
  6. Don’t be afraid to challenge unsafe practices. Your knowledge of the best practices as a student nurse is more up to date than most.
  7. Make sure you’re always fully prepared for placement. This means being well rested, knowing what is expected of you, knowing where you’re going, with your ID badge and uniform.
  8. You’re guaranteed to feel nervous or unsure, just remember that you will get used to working as a nurse and on your placement no one expects you to know everything.
  9. Remember to look after people the way you would like you’re loved ones to be cared for. Don’t forget the basics of care.
  10. Take time to relax and take care of yourself. You can’t expect to be able to look after others whilst you aren’t looking after yourself, this means getting plenty of sleep, eating well and finding time for yourself.

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